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Nero di Rosso
Silky smoothness created by the mild climate of the Alpine foothills and a meticulous winemaking process that respects the only ubiquitous force – gravity.
Diesel Farm - Marostica Italia - RR55 - vino olio e grappa da agricoltura biologica - Nero di Rosso
  • Climate: cool temperate Mediterranean climate – 1100m average annual rainfall – 1590°C heat summation with a base of 10° from April – breezy with signi cant temperature extremes in August and September
  • Soils: marlstone
  • Environment: hilly, south facing vineyards 350m asl
  • Vineyards: 2 distinct terraced plots, with east- west orientation of the rows, density: 5,000/8,000 stocks/hectare, unilateral cordon Guyot, planted in 2001, yield 0.6kg/stock, 30-50ql/ha, yield 20- 25hl/ha
  • Variety: Pinot Noir, 2 biotypes: 3131 and 777
  • Training: organic; rational pruning, disbudding, double topping, cutting of clusters with spatial distribution of berries
  • Labour: 800 h/ha per year of manual labour
  • Harvest: grapes are hand-picked into perforated crates in September
  • Mashing: hand-selected grapes, mechanical shelling of whole grapes, no crushing
  • Maceration: cold soaking of whole grapes for 3 days before inoculation with selected yeasts
  • Fermentation: with indigenous yeasts, controlled temperature with manual punching down
  • Refinement: in second and third ll oak wood barrels, cold stabilisation and bottling in early summer
  • Analysis: 12.5% alc./vol. – 0 g/l residual sugar – 5.5g/l xed acidity – 3.35 pH – 22g/l extract
  • First vintage: 2003
  • Production: 2,500 x 75cl bottles
  • Appellation: DOC Breganze
  • Appearance: bright, thin, pale ruby red with brick red tinges
  • Bouquet: elegant, with hints of roses, wisteria and spices, with underlying notes of small sour red fruit
  • Flavour: soft, harmonious, enveloping
  • Pairings: it pairs well with simple dishes made from quality ingredients
  • Serving: Bottle temperature 14°C, in long-stemmed glasses
  • Packaging: engraved wooden boxes with 5 bottles of 0.75l / 8 kg / 12cmx49cmx34cm or single cardboard boxes

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