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Bolle di Rosso
The beauty of sharing special moments in life. Cuvée di Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, a tribute to hospitality and warmth.
Diesel Farm - Marostica Italia - RR55 - vino olio e grappa da agricoltura biologica - Bolle di Rosso
  • Climate: cool temperate Mediterranean climate – 1100mm average annual rainfall – 1590°C heat summation with a base of 10°C from April – breezy with signi cant temperature extremes in August and September.
  • Soils: marlstone and leached sandstone
  • Area: hilly, altitude of 300m asl
  • Vineyards: 2 distinct plots facing south and west, with east-west orientation of rows, density 5,000 stocks/hectare unilateral cordon Guyot, planted in 2001, yield 1.5kg/stock, 60ql/ha, yield 40hl/ha
  • Variety: cuvée of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero
  • Training: organic; rational pruning, disbudding, double topping and leaf stripping on the east or north side before harvesting
  • Labour: 700 h/ha per year of manual labour
  • Harvest: late August to early September, hand- picked into perforated crates
  • Mashing: grapes are sorted and soft pressed
  • Fermentation: controlled temperature, selected yeasts, racked into oak kegs, batonnage
  • Refinement: 24 months on the yeasts
  • Adding the liqueur de tirage: fourth waxing moon of the year
  • Disgorgement: after 18 months of being stacked Dosage: 3g/l
  • Analysis: 12.5% alc./vol. – 3 g/l residual sugar – 7g/l xed acidity – 3.25 pH – 19g/l extract
  • First vintage: 2009
  • Production: 1,000 magnum bottles x 1.5l and 2,000 x 0.75l bottles
  • Appellation: Celebrating 55
  • Appearance: bright with a re ned and creamy effervescence, yellow-green colour
  • Bouquet: intriguing with hints of pear and toasted barley, dandelion, chalk and grapefruit
  • Flavour: mineral and intense, invigorating, dry and exceptionally fragrant
  • Pairings: extremely versatile, from aperitifs to receptions with vegetarian and sh nger food
  • Serving: bottle temperature 6°C in long-stemmed glasses
  • Magnum bottles 1.5l: single cardboard boxes

  • 75 ml: Single cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes with 6 bottles, engraved wooden boxes with 5 bottles 9.5 kg / 12cmx49cmx34cm

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