"I bought the Diesel Farm in the 1994; it was for my father, really, although he is no longer alive to enjoy it. We produce wine on the farm – and olive oil also now. Each vine only produces around two or three brunches of grapes, from which we make 300 bottles of pure genius".
(Renzo Rosso)

Renzo Rosso, the distinctive and imaginative founder of Diesel, one of the world's most successful fashion brands, is also the creator of a limited and luxurious wine collection hailing from his hometown, Bassano, in Italy and due to be distributed among just a handful of this country's top restaurants and selected retailers.

Bought more then 10 years ago, the Diesel Farm is an estate of over 100 hectares situated on the Marostica hills (Vicenza, Italy) and is made up of a main farmhouse and numerous other buildings. Fresh, sunny and airy, the climate of the Diesel Farm, situated at 300 metres of altitude, is particularly indicated for the cultivation of vineyards

The farm consists of a natural oasis with animals, pastures and a vast forest area. Cultivated with vineyards and olive trees the Diesel Farm presently has more than a hectare of vineyards cultivated with Chardonnay, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon and since the 2003 vintage also the Pinot Nero. In the near future other 4 hectares will be cultivated in a high density way. Moreover other 4 hectares are cultivated by the olive trees, from which extra virgin oil is produced.

Renzo Rosso has always maintained a strong bond with the land, and when the possibility of buying some on the Marostica hills came round, the dream he shared with his father materialized.

Renovated by Renzo Rosso with the care, perfectionism and passion that he puts in everything he does, the Diesel Farm, faithful to the original spirit and exterior to any prefixed schemes of Diesel, didn't merely remain a production centre for wine and olive oil, but is often transformed into the location of business meetings, luncheons and company parties.

The basement cellar of the Diesel Farm, where the wine is made by using antique craftsman techniques, as of 1999, produces 2.000 bottles of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The exciting results of the first grape harvest, "Bianco di Rosso '99" and "Rosso di Rosso '99" were put on the market last year. Both prestigious wines will be available every year in limited supplies and they are destined to become a collection item.

"Bianco di Rosso", obtained by Chardonnay grapes, has fermented in wood to preserve and exalt its aroma to the maximum. The wine rests in small French oak barrels over its natural sediments of fermentation and isn't filtered in order to safeguard its integrity and its aromatic richness.

"Rosso di Rosso" is obtained by a blend of Merlot and Sauvignon grapes hand picked in mid September. The wine-making in wooden containers is carried out respecting the characteristics of the vines and of the land. Even these wines have long rested within French oak barrels in order to maintain its colour and to heighten the aromatic character of its variety. The wine isn't filtered to avoid the impoverishment of its natural richness.

The packaging of the bottles reflects the original and innovative soul that is Diesel's, maintaining the respect of the history of winemaking: classic Madeira bottles with letters stamped directly on the glass and hand numbered.

Diesel's experience in image and communication have found a perfect technical-scientific support in Winemaking, a vine-growing and wine-producing consulting firm which also professionally trains vine and canteen technicians, founded by Roberto Cipresso.

The encounter between Renzo Rosso and Roberto Cipresso, due to the same land provenance, common friends, passion for their job and for innovation, lead to a challenge: to try the extraordinary winemaking vocation of the Marostica hills. For Cipresso, "To work on those vineyards was like participating in the restoration of a long forgotten masterpiece".


Born in 1955 in Padua, in the North East of Italy, Renzo studied textiles in his hometown before going to university in Venice to study Economics. In 1978, prior to completing his degree, he co-founded a clothing company called Genius Group nurturing several new fashion brans including Reply, Katharine Hamnett and a casual wear label, Diesel. Since then he has built up Diesel from a tiny jeans manufacturer into an international and pioneering fashion empire with a turnover of over a billion US dollars, almost 5,000 retail point of sale and 280 Diesel stores in more than 80 countries including New York, London, San Francisco, Rome , Paris, Tokio, Hong Kopng and Shanghai. Renzo's success has brought him much recognitions: in 2001, Renzo was designated "Entrepeneur of the Year – Innovation Category" by Ernest & Young Italia. British style bible, The Face, placed Renzo Rosso at #5 of its "Powerful People in fashion in 2004" and most recently hailed #13 top 100 most powerful men in fashion – beating Dior's Hedi Slimane.
Renzo is a visionary, passionate man whose motto is "Diesel is not my company, it's my life".
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